Accessorize with SMIK

We have a hand full of products to compliment our fine range of SUP boards. To order these you can contact directly via this website or enquire for them at your local SMIK dealer.



T'O's   -  Very stylish.


HATS - Gotta be sunsmart and stylish.


PADDLES - 100% carbon paddles. Tapered shafts, extremely light weight and strong.


ROOF RACK PADS - Can't talk those up much. They're roof rack pads. 


LEGROPES 9' - As the label says. Super strong and comfortable for the extra torsion applied by SUP boards. Wide ankle cuff with thick padding that resists twisting and stainless steel bearings swivels for friction-free motion. Only come in one size.


To order accessories, please get in touch through our website's Contact page or enquire through your local SMIK dealer.