Mini Style lord

As its name suggests is a mini-me Style lord. 


A shorter more compact longboard design. On land it’s easier to carry,  check in at airports. On the water, easier to throw around and fit into tighter pockets with shorter length meaning less swing-weight.


-Concaved and fuller outline nose allows for great nose riding, whilst promoting glide with more parallel outline.


  - Heavy V and double concave through the mid-section, transitions through the tail.  V Allows for rail to rail turning when standing in the middle of the board while the deep double concave creates a flatter rocker whilst maintaining rail curve. All this means is that you have a board with good acceleration and top end speed, whilst also turning like a beast when you step back onto the tail.


-Low volume with fine rails and super soft tuck lines, create a more long board feel. 

9'0 x 29 x 115      9'0 x 30 x 120L    9.0 x 32 x134