SMIK Construction

SMIK offers the highest quality build with unmatched QC standards to shape accuracy. It’s what’s under the paint that matters.

There are three technologies at different price points:



Parabolic Carbon PVC Performance Construction Drawing

Our production lay-up uses the highest grade materials to ensure light weights and incredible durability while providing the optimum flex and reflex response.

  • CNC-cut EPS cores for maximum precision and accuracy


  • Full 5mm high-density PVC sandwich wrap hand laminated & vacuum-bagged for high quality and durability


  • Biaxial carbon rail frame to stiffen the board


  • Australian Pine wood standing area to prevent heel dents


  • Nose and tail reinforced against impact damage with additional biaxial carbon


The combination of the full PVC sandwich, pine wood and biaxial carbon in the right places ensures your SMIK board will still be feeling solid well into the future.

Available for all production boards except the eSea Riders.

Parabolic Carbon Rail PVC Performance

Powered by HCT (Hybrid Custom Technologies)
Custom Carbo PVC Construction Drawing

Custom Carbon PVC Performance

Powered by HCT (Hybrid Custom Technologies)

Using the same full PVC sandwich construction method as our production lay-up, the Custom Carbon PVC Performance is our lightest, strongest technology.

The only difference with the standard production lay-up lies in the more extensive use of biaxial carbon, with a full carbon deck to inject energy and reflex into the board.


On the scales, the result is on average 800 grams to 1 kg lighter depending on the size of the board, with phenomenal impact strength and liveliness.


Available for custom board orders and on selected production models. Made-to-order.


Full Wood Glass Performance

Powered by HCT (Hybrid Custom Technologies)

The Full Wood Glass lay-up is our price point technology, available for the eSea Riders and selected Hipster Twin models. It uses compression moulding to ensure accurate, durable shapes at an even more affordable price.


Boards with just EPS and glass will quite quickly have heel indents around the standing area and tail where heels compress.


Our Full Wood Glass Performance construction, as the name suggests, uses a full wood deck, with additional wood reinforcement in the standing area for boards that feel crispy and light under foot.


Rails, nose and tail areas are also reinforced with extra layers of glass and make the boards extremely tough and durable.

Full Wood Glass Construction Drawing

The Paint and Beyond

Attention to detail matters. All boards come with:

  • Very durable paint resilient to chipping


  • 3/4 deck square-grooved pad

  • Diamond-grooved tail kick pad

  • Ergonomic and comfortable SMIK carry handle

  • PVC reinforced fin boxes and leash plugs