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SMIK Wing Foiling

Wing Dings

Light | Balanced | Powerful | Efficient | Effortless


T9600 from Technoforce / Teijn Japan

Dimension Polyant from Germany with ultrasonic-welded PU valves

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Version one of the SMIK wing, from all accounts, based on my own and others whom have tried other brands, (ie SUPBoarder Magazine Wing Test) is that the current incarnation was the best surfing, most controllable wing on the market of that time.

With canopy tension, draft placement, tip angles and handle stiffness all combining to produce a powerful wing with a huge wind range due to efficiency in pumping up onto the foil and control when overpowered. What’s astounding is all the “big brands” came out with versions 2-3-4 and have still not been able to match the original SMIK wings performance, especially in terms of surfing and downwind maneuverability and general control. 

Generation Next



Points that we’ve improved upon...

Unparalleled Canopy Tension

Not only is the leech just tight. The whole wing now maintains its shape when de-powered with almost zero flutter through the whole canopy. Thus, the reaction time from de powering to sheeting on is almost instantaneous. With incredible stability when in the neutral position when either riding a trough down wind or surfing holding onto the front handle.

During a downwinder it also aids the wing maintaining flight even with zero apparent wind, keeping the wing up instead of collapsing down to your feet. 

Minimizing Strut Flex


As the wing powers up or when hit by a gust there’s less strut flex enhancing acceleration control and power, with a much more precise feel. There’s seriously a stark difference.

When jumping this is even further evident with the wing not folding in half, aiding hang time and lift. 

The draft has moved forward, enhancing upwind ability, reducing stalling as you point closer to the wind whilst also taking you deeper off the wind.

Tip Angles


They're critical in terms of how the wing reacts while surfing, keeping the wing flying true, being able to actually lean and drive off the wing on your backhand and avoid any annoying movements or flipping.

To plagiarize a popular surf brands phrase, 'only a SMIK wing-surfer knows the feeling'. And unlike other brands who have different wings for different purposes. SMIK Wing Dings cover surf, freeride and race. And firmly believe we’re ahead of the game in all formats, with the one wing.


Rigid Handles are maintained to convert rig tensions directly through your hands. There’s no point having a tight leach and rigid struts with the direct connection to that efficiency lost through sloppy handles. When you pump the wing, the transition of power from the wings leech creates direct drive to your foil thus, instantaneous lift. A crisp, direct feel which will be unrivalled. 

Double Air Valves

Placed either side of the center strut, they allow for super rapid deflation.

Wing boards
Slab Series
Cross-Over SUP Foil & Wing

5'8 x 29" - 109L

6'0 x 29" - 116L

6'3 x 29.5" - 121L

6'6 x 30" - 128L

6'9 x 32" - 143L

To start wing-surfing, a relatively longer board is ideal for getting you going. Our Slab boards being the perfect all-rounders, from SUP foil to accessible wing foil boards.

Under 5'8" it gets quite difficult to get a SUP to paddle into a wave and get up onto the foil. Possible, but not ideal for most.

The versatility to have a board you can wing foil and SUP foil is indeed a bonus. When it's not windy you can be out there enjoying a SUP foil session and then when the wind kicks in, you can switch the paddle for a wing. The perfect one-board foil quiver.

The other bonus of boards of this volume is if when winging the wind drops, you can still float back to the beach with ease.

Dedicated Wing

5'0 x 26" - 82L

5'3 x 27" - 91L

5'6 x 28.5" - 100L


As your skill-set improves, you'll be wanting to move down to a shorter board. Not as versatile as the cross-over foil Slabs, wing-specific boards are a fair bit short, but still provide enough volume to stand on to get up and going, but are a little harder to lift and start flying. 

But once you get up and going, the shorter lengths with less swing weight are a joy to fly and surf.

The ability to still float whilst getting going being the key, for once you go too small, you start being in no man's land.

This is why there's a gap in volume straight down to the sinkers.

4'8 x 22.25" - 40L

5'0 x 22" - 50L

5'4 x 24" - 58L


When you really want to step it up, you go down. With a sinking water start. Ultra-maneuverable for when you really want to start throwing it around and boosting.

The water start is a surprisingly easy take-off to master as long as there’s plenty of power in the wing. Once there’s a certain level of mastery and you get onto the smaller boards, it’s a game-changer.

PVC / Carbon 

eps wood - lite construction 

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