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Custom Order Principals

Get exactly the size, shape and colour you desire.


We thrive on designing boards that make you stay out longer because they’re so much fun. But we're all different, which is why we offer the unique possibility to create the exact shape, design and colour that you desire.


With custom ordering there’s a multitude of options which can cover a wide style of surfing or experiences. We can build anything you think of or start from a couple of proven shape concepts:


  • Pin tail with more drawn out outlines, combined with lower rockers and shallower concaves for handling larger, more powerful surf.


  • Squash and swallow tail based on shortboard principles to handle a variety of conditions. More curve and deeper concaves for high performance surfing.


  • Retro and modern twin designs. An old concept brought back to life with unequaled speed, tight turning and the smoothest rail to rail transitions.


  • Longboard shapes with fuller noses and rockers suited to nose riding. Longer lengths provide glide and mid-section V allows for effortless carving. The perfect blend of tail kick and rolled V combines for a stylish yet radical experience.

All designs can be altered while maintaining their principals to suit different sizes, levels and aspirations. 

Varying constructions at different prices that equate to different strength to weight ratios are also available:


To get started with your design, just get in touch with us below.

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