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7'10" x 28.5" x 94L 
8'2" x 29" x 107L
8'8" x 31.5" x 129L 
8'4" x 30" x 113L

9'3" x 32" x144L

8'6" x 30.5" x 122L




The Spitfire’s groundbreaking design incorporated the combination of speed, maneuverability, and firepower. This made it a formidable fighter plane and a much loved British icon with its beautiful lines.


SMIK has adopted the name Spitfire, as these boards carry the same attributes. Beautiful lines that create powerful, tight turns that contain and project speed. 




Shape V3

The Spitfire has further evolved with some subtle changes to take the board deeper into the bowly part of the wave. With the arrival of the Bonza taking over the stable option for serious waves, the Spitfire has been enabled to become more hardcore. 


The nose width has been pulled in with a little extra nose lift to fit into the steeper part of the wave and to handle later, more critical drops.

The rocker is still a smooth continuous curve, combined with a single concave to double concave, ending with a V in the tail.


Rails have been thinned out ever so much and sharpened in the tail to help hold a rail at speed.

She's smooth and fast, with just a really nice balanced feel from paddling to stroking into a wave and that lovely initiation of rail sensation that doesn't have any hiccups. 


The different sensation from the round to the squash tail is that it projects vertically easier, with a more whippy sensation of the top, whilst still being able to engage full rail carves.

The Spitfire becomes comfortable, when your comfort zones become threatened.

It's the board you can rely on.

Got a certain size or shape that you want specifically for you?
Hit the 'Custom Order' button below to create the board especially for you in your choice of colors.
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