The Slab

The Slab is an extremely versatile machine which has a diverse array of uses. 

1- As a foil board. -Excellent stubby shape with concave bottom to assist early lift. 

                                - Rounded Chined rails forward transitioning to harder aft rails for release with kicker int the rocker line. 

                                 -Deck is slightly concave with a slight double concave at the front foot which fits under the arch of the front foot aiding a more planted front foot.


                                     - Various foot plug deck insert options for a variety of different uses. 

-2 Wing foiler-  when the wind picks up get rid of the paddle and pump the wing ding. So much effortless foiling fun. 

3- Windsurf foil - Add a deck box and additional footstrap inserts and windsurfing is yet another option.

 Very short lengths with limited swing weight make them ultra easy to fly and turn.

US boxes to reduce weight and seems the way the market has gone.

Available in four sizes:

6'3" x 28.5" x 107L

6'10" x 29.5" x 121L

6'6" x 29" x 112L

7´4" x 31" x 136L

Wing Ding boards

Wing ding boards are getting shorter. The smallest we've made thus far is a 5'3 x 26 @ 93L

Enough volume for myself at 88 kilos to stand on comfortably get the wing up and pump onto the foil. 

These dimensions are sure to get smaller in time and smaller people no doubt can go smaller.  On custom request thus far. 

Surf / Prone boards
EPS / wood deck



One may say that many of the prone boards are starting to look the same. However, there are small subtle differences that separate the Smik prone boards from the rest. 


Rocker– Needs to the be the right blend of flatness to initiate speed to catch the wave whilst having enough nose flip t stop pearling as you need to keep the nose of the board down attached to the wave before you get to your feet and start foiling.


Rails are chined to avoiding bogging when the hull may come down in contact with the waters surface. 


Bottom shape is concaved in the nose for lift transitioning to a flat section where the foil attaches.


Deck shape is slightly concave at the front foot with a double concave underfoot supporting the arch of the foot providing front foot steering control whilst flying. 

4'8 x 21.5 @ 37L 

5'0 x 22.5 @ 45L

5'4 x 24    @ 50L

PVC Carbon