The Slab

One track mind. Dedicated surf foil boards.


Thick and stubby shapes which are stable and track amazingly well for something so stumpy when on the water.


Very short lengths with limited swing weight make them ultra easy to fly and turn.

US boxes to reduce weight and seems the way the market has gone.

Available in four sizes:

6'3" x 28.5" x 107L

6'10" x 29.5" x 121L

6'6" x 29" x 112L

7´4" x 31" x 136L

The Mulato

A new shape to blend downwind SUP, surf foiling and windsurf foil. 

A little longer water line for getting up onto the foil with minimum wave assistance, or basically with wind assist onto chop.

Heavily chined rails running the entirety of the box the board smooths out the touchdowns, with the tail kick after the foil box aiding lift off. 

Single concave also aids this with it running into a straight flat around the foil box.

Windsurf plugs and deck box transform this board into a fun windsurf foil board, not with racing in mind, but more for recreational blasting and potentially into the trickier side of windsurf foiling.